Dafydd Lewis Trust

Dafydd Edward LewisDafydd Edward Lewis (1866 – 1941) migrated to Australia from Wales in 1896. He first worked in the drapery field and eventually established himself most successfully in business, with a partner, Joseph Love. Lewis was a man of bold character and an entrepreneur who believed in hard work and education. When he died in 1941 he left an estate valued at £700,000 to be held in perpetual trust to provide scholarships for boys for full time tertiary study. The Trust was established in 1942 and the first scholarships were awarded in 1943.

The Dafydd Lewis Trust continues to provide equity and merit-based scholarships to young men who might not have otherwise received a University education due to the limited financial resources of their parents. Multiple scholarships are awarded every year for full-time degrees in most courses at any Victorian university with 65 scholars being supported in 2016.